User Services Meeting - 3/3/14

Present: Carsten, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Ryan, Jennifer R, Adam, Diane

User Services Notes - We discussed the format of our meeting notes and potential changes. It was decided to continue with the same format we've been using. If there are suggestions for changes, contact Diane.

Summer Olin Projects - We shared what is known at this time in terms of work planned for Olin this summer and discussed implications for our team. Olin 113 will be renovated, Olin 213 may be renovated, and re-carpeting/painting will be occurring in the building as well.

Summer Main Technology Upgrades -  12 classrooms will be impacted this summer by technology upgrades. Planning is in progress.

ETS Certified Test Administrative Site - The Education Department is interested in Luther becoming an ETS Certified Test Administrative Site. This would enable Luther students to take their basic skills tests and licensure exams for teacher certification on campus. Main 113 is under consideration for this testing. LIS is partnering with the Education Department to complete the application process.

Digital Media Center Open House - An open house for the new Digital Media Center is set for Tuesday, March 18, 3-5 pm. All faculty, staff, and students are welcome. There will be different stations where our multimedia student workers will demonstrate some of the capabilities of the spaces.

MoodlEZ app for iPads - Jennifer demoed an app for uploading documents from an iPad to KATIE. More testing of the app will be done.

Budget - We discussed large items needing additional funding that we'll bring forward for surplus consideration. In addition, User Services team members with smaller items to purchase yet this year are to contact Diane.