What's so important about the new KATIE student grade report?

Below is a student's KATIE grade report for a finished class:

LAE User Report

If we walked through this in English we'd say:

Each grade item has

  • a weight 
  • a grade (points)
  • a range (maximum earnable points)
  • the percentage of max earnable ACTUALLY earned
  • a letter grade, in this case only for the final grade (as requested by Carolyn Mottly) (arrow-B)
  • and a contribution column, how much each grade contributed to the final grade (arrow-A)

Any student is easily able to discern how their final grade was calculated even in the most complex grading strategy.

If we take a look at my own student grade report for the same class we'll see I'm not doing all that well. I really flubbed up on my first essay submission but even more importantly I'm doing poorly on the Group Project which has a pretty steep weight assigned to it. Right now I'm getting an 'F' and wondering if there's any hope. To find out I pull down on the 'Target grade selector' (arrow-C) and see that the best I can achieve is a 'C+' (well... at least Mom and Dad won't kill me if I can pull that out):

LAE User Report

So once I've chosen my target grade (C+, of course) the report shows me exactly what I need to do to achieve that grade (arrow-D), shaded areas:

LAE User Report

This doesn't look easy, better get crackin' (some textbooks, maybe).

We know that students perform better given clear expectations and immediate and constant feedback because they feel they are more in control of the ultimate outcome. When students feel in control of their college outcome they stick around to graduate. This is what the new KATIE student grade report is all about.

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  • February 11 2014 at 9:00 pm
    Jennifer Rian
    Thanks for the break down and visuals on this, Bob. Just to make sure I'm understanding this. . .When the student pulls down the Target Grade Selector, it will only show those grades that are still possible, right? In other words, I won't be able to select an "A" as an option if my current grades make that impossible, correct? Also, is this fully functional for students right now or a preview of what will be available Fall 2014?
  • February 14 2014 at 8:29 am
    Bob Puffer on behalf of NC Professor
    NOTE: has just starting using the new student grade report at his college. "I completely agree that students do better when they get regular and meaningful feedback. I have experienced it myself. One quarter I required students to visit their grade report every day. There was a noticeable uptick in student performance. The following quarter I did not require it, and students overall performances went down."

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