Notes from LIS Council - 01/03/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia  led a couple of discussions. The first related to progress and expenses associated with the Alumni/Development document imaging project. The “to-go” costs look to be within the budget including anticipated costs associated with the work for the education department and their record backfile. We discussed the idea of moving next to the Registrar in order to facilitate an implementation to support paperless advising in the future. Marcia will work with the Student Life and Financial Aid to get their support for the change and an update/proposal will be prepared to share with Cabinet.
      • The second related to proposed changes to the EPEAT and Energy Star energy policy for LIS equipment.  This will require further discussion to find what can practically be supported. Marcia will organize a meeting with several LIS staff (Marcia, Diane, Larry, Adam) and Sustainability staff (Stratus, Maren) to work out the details of an EPEAT policy.
    • Archives
      • Today is Rachel Vagts last day as Luther College Archivist. We welcomed Sasha Griffin to the meeting to represent the Archives in the interim until a College Archivist is hired.
  • New Items
    • Alumni Transcript Usability
      • We discussed the alumni transcript request process and suggested a number of usability improvements. One improvement that could be made is to redirect to to eliminate URL confusion.  On the Norse Key page we can make a small clarifying change related to the word “character”.  We identified some changes to the Registrar’s page as well. We also discussed the possibility of live Technology Help Desk support for transcript requests recognizing some alums have no familiarity with norse keys. We also began a discussion on changing required password length from 8 to 10 characters to improve security. Verification needs to be made that all systems can support 10 characters such as Colleague. In a related topic Marcia shared work is underway to enable requesting eTranscripts.
    • Wireless Network Support for Visiting Groups Such as Regents
      • Karen Martin-Schramm had asked if we could make the process for Regents to access our network more effective for them. Currently Regents access the network using individual guest accounts and passwords created for them. We discussed the possibility of trying a conference username and password that’s common to all Regents attending the meeting. Running the agent will still be required. In addition we can schedule a time when the Technology Help Desk can be available to provide help to those whose devices are either not patched or do not have active current antivirus and fail the registration. We can manually register devices as well as a last resort. We further would like to request that they be encouraged to register their laptops using our remote registration system before they arrive. Mobile devices will still need to be registered after they arrive on campus.
    • Archives Hours
      • Until an interim staffing plan can be supported or until a College Archivist is hired archives support will be by appointment only starting on Monday. We discussed changes to library and archives web pages and signage in lobby and at the archives room to guide patrons to contact information to set up appointments..
    • Olin 207, 208, 209 Technology Upgrades
      • Diane reported that 3 Olin Rooms will be updated. Bob Erickson has begun work upgrading AV equipment in all 3 spaces during January.
    • CLAMP meeting at Macalester June 23-24
      • This meeting will include focus for users/supporters of Moodle in addition to those contributing to the “hack/doc.” Since it’s more local it may provide several an inexpensive opportunity for focused learning on Moodle.
    • Retiring Dada mail
      • We believe plans are in place for the last user of Dada mail to move to either ConstantContact or MailChimp.  We discussed the need to save the content of these mailings for the Archives before the server can be retired/repurposed.
  • Returning Items
    • January 8 LIS General
      • Update on Archivist search and interim plans - Paul
      • Presentation and demo of the new facilities scheduling program - Ben
      • Update on the “Beyond the Bubble” program - Jennifer
      • Update on student and color printing - Diane
      • Local and remote device registration changes - Adam
    • LIS Communication Policy
      • Several elements of the policy have been updated. Diane provided an overview of the changes and invited LIS Council members to review. She plans to call on the broader LIS team to review as well.

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