User Services Meeting - 11/18/13

Present: Carsten, Matt B, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Ryan, Adam, Chris, Diane

File Server Changes Coming - Chris shared with the team the file server changes that will be implemented the end of December. The goal is to eliminate direct access to certain servers from the internet. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

CFA 118 - We discussed the current status of the proposed CFA 118 Mac Lab changes, a proposal regarding technology in the CFA that is currently under construction, and usage of CFA 118 by Lutheran Summer Music (LSM).

Lab Printers - The printer in the Jensen-Noble lab will be upgraded this week to a new, double-sided printer. We are also reviewing other lab printers on campus and identifying others to be replaced.

LIS Satisfaction Survey - The survey that is sent upon completion of work orders will be changing soon in the following ways: to use the kbox survey tool, to auto-include the work order number, and to have only two questions.

Travel Update - Jennifer R. and Jennifer S. presented recently at two conferences: Internet Librarian and Brick & Click. They will share their experiences at our next meeting.

Staff Workstation Rolls - Departments currently in progress with workstation upgrades include: Alumni, Development, and Publications. The upgrade for Admissions is complete.

TWILIS & LIS Council Notes - If there are any questions regarding recent TWILIS or LIS Council Notes, contact Diane.