User Services Meeting - 11/4/13

Present: Carsten, Erin, Matt B, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Diane

JoliOS Demonstration - Larry demonstrated a Netbook running JoliOS which is a distribution of the free Ubuntu operating system that makes any hardware act like a Chromebook. It will extend the life of hardware for those who basically need web access and Google Apps. If you're interested in viewing it, talk to Larry.

TWILIS & LIS Council Notes - We reviewed last week's LIS Council Notes and, in particular, discussed Password Management, Synergyse Google Apps Interactive Training, Summer Faculty Workshop Brown Bags, and the TWILIS Headline Invitation.

LIS Announcements - This page on the LIS website will be updated monthly with important announcements. If there are particular items you’d like here, let Diane know.

IT Risk Management Update - Matt provided an update from the IT Risk Management team within LIS. There is a separate queue in kbox to track the items from the IT Audit Report and from additional work related to security. Items related to our User Services Team includes: Password Policy, research MDM (mobile device management) Solution, research and possibly implement Enterprise Antivirus solution, Mac Encryption, research and implement PII (personally identifiable information) Solution, and implement Automated Patching on Workstations (in progress). We discussed the implications of removing public html sites and User Services is in favor of pursuing this topic; Network and Systems will provide usage data.

New Faculty and Staff - The LIS Technology Help Desk will visit each new faculty and staff to share LIS services and to help employees get started at Luther.

New lis-software - LIS Software has migrated to a new server with similar functionality and much more space.

GoPrint Update - Work in progress regarding GoPrint includes removing inactive printer queues, using generic price sheets, cleaning up student organization accounts, researching color printer options, and researching printing costs in general.