User Services Meeting - 10/14/13

Present: Carsten, Erin, Bob E, Larry, Eddy, Jennifer S, Ryan, Diane

Main Classroom Technology Upgrades - Bob shared that the proposal to upgrade the technology in 12 classrooms in Main during Summer 2014 was approved. He had provided estimates for four different options, and the option to upgrade all 12 of the classrooms in Main to a basic digital format was selected by the Paideia governing board. There will be meetings with representatives from each of the departments teaching in Main to ensure the plans meet their expectations.

Olin Technology Upgrades - Olin 207, Olin 208, and Olin 113 have been approved for technology upgrades. Olin 207 and 208 will be upgraded over winter break / J-Term. The Olin faculty are in conversation regarding options for Olin 113.

LIS Blog Norse Group - A Norse Group has been created for those interested in receiving the LIS Blog posts via email rather than an aggregator or by visiting the blog at Others in LIS interested in joining are to contact Carsten.

Video Surveillance Update - Bob Harri has been researching options for security cameras on campus with the assistance of Bob E, Marcia, and Adam. The first phase of the project will include installation of security cameras at the doors to the residence halls.

TWILIS & LIS Council Notes - We reviewed last week's TWILIS and LIS Council notes.

Printing Costs - We discussed the fact that printing in the labs is increasing (93,000 more prints than last year, up nearly 11%) and other factors impacting User Service's printing budget. We also reviewed other data related to printing costs and the increases from FY11 to FY12 as well as from FY12 to FY13. Those interested in more details/conversation about printing costs are welcome to contact me.