Notes from LIS Council - 10/2/13

  • Special Topic: Library and Information Services Link on Luther’s Home Page
    • Rob Larson, Vice President for Communication and Marketing, proposed reallocating Luther home page link to LIS for the “Connect” functions being developed to provide optimized communication to external Luther stakeholders by aggregating social media platforms, college publications and newsletters, etc. He shared some external traffic data and we discussed and compared a number of other college sites. We discussed several use cases including navigation via links on a number of pages that are linked from the home page, A-Z navigation and using search for navigation.  We also talked about how navigation needs might change over the calendar year (e.g. June, August and September when interest in LIS information might be greater.) Rob will augment the proposal to include consistent links to “Library & Information Services” landing page ( on each of the pages for the Dean’s Office, Faculty/Staff, Current Students, Academics, Parents (under Academic Resources), Prospective Students (under Learn About Luther), and Student Life (under Associated Offices). Additionally we requested a lower banner block/button on the lower portion of the front page that points to the LIS home page be included in the rotation of those blocks/buttons. We also discussed an idea to have a set of categorized navigation links on the bottom to key pages that the Marketing team will consider. Rob also invited us to propose and schedule topics of broad and timely interest for the feature on the homepage and offered to collaborate to develop that content. Within LIS we will have our web site team discuss and recommend further changes as necessary to enable constituents success in finding the LIS information in which they are interested.
  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia shared the team is revisiting the Katie based placement testing application with Admissions, Deans Office, Registrar, and Publications earlier this year. Tabita will be performing an expert review of the site and usability testing. Moodle has new branching functionality that may improve navigation options.  Discussion continues on the release date for the site for the coming year and when dependent Norse Keys should be issued for deposited students.
      • Software Development and Network and Systems are reviewing the tape backup validation procedure and list to verify completeness. Marcia will share the list.
    • Archives
      • Rachel is planning a follow up discussion re Homecoming with Maria Smith, Director of Annual Giving, and team. Meetings are also planned with the new Alumni/Development staff to talk about planning for future years.
      • Our grant application to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for subsequent work on the Postville project was not funded. The proposal would explore approaches to dealing effectively with the extensive video collections that are part of major event archiving. Follow up is planned to understand if re-applying is indicated and how future grant applications might be improved.
      • Iowa’s Private Academic Libraries Consortium (IPAL), has organized an Institutional Repository Task Force (IR) on which Rachel will serve.  There is a meeting on October 22.
  • New Items
    • Student Lab Printing
      • We discussed student printing allowances, policy and implementation.  This is part of a broader conversation on lab printing costs which have increase substantially in the last couple years. Diane will hold a meeting with interested parties to continue the conversation.
    • The EDUCAUSE Virtual Conference
      • The conference is October 16-18. Council members will be looking at the agenda and will share interest with Diane to determine if we should sign up.
    • Alumni and Development Scanned Documents Images
      • We discussed a number of options for archiving the digital images of Alumni and Development documents that have been scanned as part of the document imaging project. We agreed that we should maintain a hard drive copy of the scanned TIFF files as an acceptable short-term preservation solution.

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