User Services Meeting - 9/30/13

Present: Carsten, Erin, Bob, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy,  Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Ryan, Diane

Extended Library Hours - We have been open until 9pm the past two Fridays (instead of closing at 7:30pm) and will continue this throughout the year. When Campus Safety & Security is ready, their student workers will allow the library to remain open until 1am Sunday through Thursday rather than closing at midnight. This is a pilot project.

Kbox Mobile App - The kbox has been upgraded and LIS Technicians now have the ability to test a new mobile app that is currently in beta. Those who are interested should contact Matt H.

TWILIS - We discussed the current content and format of both the LIS Council notes and of the TWILIS newsletter.

Towers Wireless - LIS has been working to resolve issues in Miller and Dieseth regarding internet performance by talking directly with those who are impacted. Anyone experiencing issues is asked to enter a work order at with the details of what device, which network (LCWireless5G, LCWireless, LCGuest), where, when, what is/are the problem(s) you're experiencing.

Recycling - LIS is working with a vendor to recycle used Luther-owned technology that is no longer of value to the campus.

Banned Books Week - Jennifer and Jennifer reported that Banned Books Week was a success, including the use of one of the library kiosks to view videos on banned books, the Treats and Treasure Hunt in the library on Family Weekend, the Literary Challenge, and Mug Shots. We discussed ideas for next year.

Main Building Improvement Committee - There is a committee forming to prioritize a list of improvements for Main and Larry will be the LIS representative for that committee.