User Services Meeting - 9/16/13

Present: Carsten, Erin, Matt B, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Diane

Technology In Classrooms Conference - The Technology in Classrooms (TIC) Conference will not be held at Luther June 2014 due to logistical issues. It will be taken into consideration for a future year.

LabStats Mobile - A demo was given of the new mobile version of the Labstats website that provides availability of lab workstations across campus. Visit from your computer or mobile device.

Preus Goes Viral - The Men's All-American Cross Country meet video on the Preus Library facebook page reached over 10,000 people; 1,800 watched the video; 19 re-shared the video. We're now up to 325 people liking the site. We also discussed Facebook After Dark.

Digital Media Center - Construction continues on the Digital Media Center on the lower floor of the library. Equipment is being ordered for the Multimedia Lab, Multimedia Studio, and Control Booth.

CFA 118 Lab - LIS, Communication Studies, and Art/ThD have been discussing options for the CFA 118 lab which is currently a Mac lab. The long term plans are to move the Mac Pros from CFA 118 to the new Multimedia Lab and to install high-powered, home-built Windows workstations in CFA 118. The timeline has not yet been determined.

Banned Books Week - As part of Banned Books Week (Sept 23-27), we plan to show a video containing 30 separate videos, each 2 minutes long. We discussed options for displaying this video throughout the week.

LIS Systems & Services Notice - In an effort to concisely convey important service and system updates, LIS publishes a list of notices at the beginning of each semester for the Luther community. We brainstormed ideas for this fall's message.

Creation of Khan Academy Style Videos - We discussed tools available to assist faculty in flipping their classroom on campus.