Notes from LIS Council - 9/11/13

LIS Council is the leadership team within LIS. Among the topics discussed this past week were:

  • LIS Operational Agenda - Council members will be reporting on LIS operational views (metrics for processes and status of projects) regularly at LIS Council meetings. This week’s reports included the following:
    • Archives
      • Rachel shared the monthly use of Archives for the past two months. Use by researchers and walk-up increased during the summer.  
      • The accessioning backlog is complete (total is 343 linear feet) and 282 linear feet are in the processing stage.
      • The records management project is progressing. 36 contacts have been made.  23 surveys have been completed and 14 site visits have been made.
      • The document imaging project continues. Specific progress has been made on defining the workflow for the Education Department’s records.  80 boxes of materials from Alumni and Development Offices will be returned next week and the team is preparing space for storage.
      • In preparation for Luther’s Homecoming, a video is being developed for the class of 1963 celebrating their 50th reunion.
      • A documentary is being developed for the 1936 Band Tour.
      • The Pioneer is now online.  Rachel shared a short demo.  Development folks have been using it.  Sasha will demo with the class agents when they are on campus.  We anticipate good use of this easily accessible digital content going forward.  Navigate to the archives page.  The Pioneer is in the same online database as the Agora and Chips.
      • Rachel shared examples of  “re-photography” which are historic images overlaid over new images. Sasha and Jennifer are working with Aaron Lurth on this project.
    • Software Development
      • LIS is coordinating the network, workstation, and card access software
        setup to support the new Community Pool Pass being offered in addition to the Community Regents Center access.  Passes will be checked at the pool entrance. The new Pool Pass application and payment will be processed through the same workflow as Regents Center community passes with Regents Center, Financial Services, and Dining Services.
      • Lane is working through modifications needed to the point-of-sale system in the Book Shop and transaction posting and reconciliation with Financial Services to support student NorseCard charging capability starting September 16th. More information is available on the Book Shop’s website.
      • The Human Resources office is hosting information sessions to inform all faculty and staff how to access their payroll information on after September 26th.  Human Resources is preparing the final printed September payroll mailing. Jean is working with them on email communication setup for messaging to all employees when payroll information becomes available every payroll cycle.
      • There has been a flurry of KATIE assistance requests, almost double that of previous years, in preparing for the semester to start this August and September.  LIS attributes the increase to recent changes in the new responsive design and wider adoption among faculty. Marcia showed a slide depicting the increase in KATIE requests.
      • Residence Life is preparing the online form to gather new student room preferences for 2014.
      • Recent Colleague updates are causing some of our Luther custom processes to break. The team is working to resolve the issues.
  • New Items
    • Recruiting Guidelines
      • Lora Steil, Director of HR, visited to provide information and guidance on information lifecycle management associated with searching and hiring. This conversation was prompted by specific questions about information lifecycle management associated with terminating LIS’ cloud-based subscription to TheResumator in favor of a campus wide solution that is being implemented.
    • Transition to Electronic Pay Advice
      • Lora asked if there were questions we had or concerns we had heard expressed.  We reviewed how the campus community had been notified.  We anticipate further questions after the transition which occurs September 25.
    • GoPrint
      • We have experienced problems with print jobs being mis-routed.  We reviewed the communication plan that was implemented to inform the community to determine if there were gaps.  Paul reported that the president of the company is aware of our situation and prioritizing support to diagnose and resolve the issue.
    • New Services Message

In an effort to concisely convey important service and system updates, LIS publishes a list of notices at the beginning of each semester for the Luther community.  We discussed the plans for this notice for this fall.