User Services Meeting - 8/6/13

Present: Erin, Matt B, Bob E, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer R, Diane

Main 113 - LIS work is in progress to install the new computers, speakers, screens, projectors, etc in Main 113 which is being completely renovated this summer.

Main 116B - Technology updates in Main 116B are now complete. Among the changes are a new screen, projector, audio amp, video amp, speakers, and cables.

iTalc - Matt H demonstrated iTalc open source software which is a replacement for Faronics Insight in Main 113 & 114. This software allows an instructor to manage a classroom from a centralized computer and provides for increased collaboration among students.

Center for Global Learning Conference/Training Room - New equipment has been purchased and set up for meetings and Center for Global Learning use. Changes include a 55” LCD TV with a blue ray player (not a combo deck) and a connection for a laptop.

Aquatic Center Sound System Wrap up Training - The final visit from CEC next week will include training for LIS and Athletics to learn how to run the sound system. The AV cabinet and TV will be installed this week. A printer was provided by LIS on a temporary basis; long term needs yet to be determined.

LIS Site Migration - We discussed the migration of the LIS website from Drupal to Reason and the related communication changes including the use of the LIS Outboard Google Calender, LIS Blog, and LIS Group.

LIS Skills Needs - We reviewed the LIS Skills Needs spreadsheet developed during the June Strategy Day.

Technology in Classroom Conference - The Keystone AEA TCC conference may be held at Luther next year. We discussed considerations and noted that ROAD will be three Mondays in a row in June 2014. - A major upgrade of occurred recently. This tool collects usage data regarding lab computers and is used in planning.

MacGamut MFun - Linda Martin will be using this software for one of her classes this fall. Students may purchase their copy from the Book Shop. We also discussed installing this software in the JN 124 lab.

Finale - With this summer's faculty roll, Finale was upgraded from version 2009 to version 2011 for Music faculty. LIS will assist individuals in moving projects from one version to another.

Atomic Learning - We discussed a new option now available to us that allows us to provide individualized access to Atomic Learning using our Norse Keys for authentication. We are exploring the possibility.

Student Employment Position Description - The Safety Committee has requested that supervisors complete new student position descriptions that include a safety questionnaire. We reviewed the form.

Help Desk QuikSubmit - After this summer's lab/classroom workstation refresh, there will be an icon on the desktops to allow quick submission into the kbox to encourage the Luther community to inform LIS of issues.

New Queue - A new queue, visible only to LIS, will be added to the kbox for the purpose of IT Risk Management work.

Digital Media Proposal - Construction began Tuesday, August 6 on the new Multimedia Lab and Multipurpose Studio located on the Lower Floor of the library. Work is expected to take 4-6 weeks.