Library Services Minutes, Oct. 17, 2011

Library Services Meeting Minutes
October 17, 2011
Present: Andi Beckendorf, Ryan Gjerde, Sasha Griffin, Lindy Moeller, Jennifer Rian, Germano Streese, Rebecca Sullivan, Rachel Vagts

  • History Day – In preparation for visits by area middle-school students working on projects for National History Day, an updated version of a student worksheet was shared by Andi. Those available for instruction during the three visit days will sign up to lead a 30 minute session on one day.
  • Library Graffiti Wall – Inspired by a project in the library at Northwestern Michigan College, Jennifer will be implementing a “graffiti wall” in the library. The wall consists of a moveable whiteboard that will be stationed in the vending area on the lower floor. Periodically, questions relating to the LIS mission will be posed, with the community invited to offer feedback using multicolored Post-it notes and/or dry erase markers.
  • Finals Week Study Breaks – Brainstorming began on ideas for low-key study break activities that could be held in the library during finals week.
  • Wikipedia Loves Libraries – In conjunction with Open Access Week, Wikipedia has planned a campaign to educate the public on Wikipedia, and encourage editors to gather at and make use of library resources to improve and expand existing articles, especially those related to local topics. While the timeframe seemed limited to organize an event yet in October, there was general interest in planning a similar event in January.
  • 10/20 Library Staff Meeting – Agenda items for the following library staff meeting were reviewed.