Emergency Response Planning

We are reopening a process to review our emergency response plans and procedures that will be coordinated by Cindy Hansmeier. If you have previously been involved in preparing emergency response plans for any of our services/service points here’s what you can expect.

  • Cindy will be going through the plan and bringing the primary person responsible for a service a copy of the current plans and asking for any updates to be made. Please note these changes and return that information to her so our central document can be updated.
  • Our current plans largely contemplate pandemic or another event that leaves our central infrastructure in place. Cindy will also ask you to expand the current plan to cover events that would involve the loss or partial loss of infrastructure, meaning fire, storm, theft, or other calamity. As you review the pandemic-related plan, please prepare additional text to outline the steps for recovery of the service in question under those circumstances.

If you have questions about this going forward, please let me know. Thank you for your help in reviewing and expanding our emergency response planning procedures.