MISO Review: Staff and Importance/Satisfaction regarding LIS Resources and Services

A four-page review of MISO data discussing staff opinions of the importance of and their satisfaction with LIS resources and services is now available from the LIS website. This data was used for discussion during the LIS midwinter planning day, and has been slightly reworked and expanded in its focus. The data shows very strong overall satisfaction for LIS resources and services, though generally Luther staff rate resources and services with less importance than staff at similar colleges nationwide.

The MISO survey was administered in spring 2007, and is a national survey instrument designed to assess merged library and information technology organizations and their services. The downloadable report on student perspectives, as well as more information on the survey is available on the LIS website at http://lis.luther.edu/miso or on the web at http://www.misosurvey.org/