User Services Weekly - 3/11/08

Present: Andrew, Matt H, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane

* Announcements -  Faculty roll meeting tomorrow (Wed, 3/12).  Forms requesting summer workers due to HR by Friday, March 21st (student applications due April 15).  Session Wed 12:15 in Mott on Getting the Most out of LIS.  All-staff meetings Wed afternoon and Thurs morning on the strategic plan.  MIDAS update - have two contacts at Carleton where Casper is in use.

* Dell Rep Visit - Andy Laake, our new Field-Based Account Executive for Dell, will be on campus Thursday morning to give us an update on Dell including a product roadmap.  He is willing to discuss any upcoming
projects we have as well.  Meeting set for 10:00-11:30 in Main 12 and open to any interested LISers.

* Mac Question - There are three known Mac users on campus who receive a kernel panic when they try to access their h:\ drives from their Macs.  One is currently using an external drive checked out from Circ, one is using fugu, and we're not certain about the other.  Decision to talk with the one using the external drive and share information regarding fugu as a better option than using the external drive.  Decision also to purchase new drives for the Circ desk that have dual (both USB and firewire) interfaces.

* Norse Key password changes -  Reviewed the new interface for changing Norse Key passwords that is currently being tested.  Passwords will expire every 180 days, stronger password rules, statement of responsibility acceptance now part of the password change process.  Demo in Mott next Wednesday at 12:15 for the Luther community.  Test the interface between now and then and send all feedback to Chris S.

* Norse Apps - Biggest question being received is from people who don't realize that once they accept the invitation, they can't access SquirrelMail.  The accept link is being changed to be clearer on this point.  The groups who have been invited are listed in under the "Migration" section.

* Vista - Will discuss next week.