New Valders Update #2

Since my last building update on Nov 3 many items with-in the building are taking shape. The elevator shaft is completely enclosed and awaiting the car etc. The rush for an operational elevator is to allow for the buildings 2nd and 3rd flrs to get enclosed yet still get materials too those floors.Some windows have been installed with more locations being prepared to receive glass. Walls on 2nd and 3rd flrs are 99% in place including door frames etc.The main heating and cooling ducts for the two flrs are in-place in main hallways Outside brick work should be complete the 1st or 2nd week of Dec. The two internal stairways are in place and able to be used by workers. I will be meeting with representatives from Voltmer Elec on Tues to review all 2nd and 3rd flr voice/data pathways. During a Friday conference call with CEC (our wiring contractor) it was decided to begin the voice/data cabling the first week of Dec versus Thanksgiving week.