User Services Weekly - 10/16/07

Present: Andrew, Matt, Colin, Jim, Ryan, Bob E, Bob P, Larry, Todd, Diane

* Strategic meeting on MIDAS set for tomorrow morning at 9:00 in Mott.
* No weekly meeting next Tuesday due to the MISO Symposium.

Lightening Round

* Xuming Virus - Is being found and destroyed.

* External Burner - Was installed for Art/Theatre/Dance per dept meeting held recently.  Still need account for the computers to be requested and created.

* Vista - Being tested in the Help Desk on staff computers.

* HD New Student Recruitment -  Will begin after fall break.

* Katie - Scheduler and Feedback modules in Katie have been fixed.

* SIGUCCS - Conference was light on Vista information; provided good information on imaging.

* ILA - Consortium being created.  Web 2.0 and information literacy discussed.

* iPhoto - Corrupt iPhoto library is being researched. 


Real-Time Agenda

* Brunsdale Printer - WO will be created for Larry to take a look at this printer and either fix or replace it.

* Dascom - Demo was held last week on the Carousel digital signage solution which could be a replacement for the channel 23 system.  The representative also showed an Teamboard electronic/interactive whiteboard.  In addition, he discussed VBrick products which can be used for video streaming.  The representative will send materials and return for a VBrick demo.  Items will be added to list of unfunded projects.

 * MIDAS - Sneak peak at tomorrow's strategic meeting.  Plan will be to identify the top 4-6 products to pursue and determine how to pursue them.  Will want team members to review the products through demos as well as hands-on.  We'll also discuss on-site visits.

* Music Dept Meeting - Today's meeting will be postponed.  Email sent earlier today.