Network and Servers

Virtual Servers

When setting up a new server, or upgrading an existing one, we evaluate whether or not the server’s application would be a good candidate for virtualization. If it is, we use a virtual VMWare server rather than purchasing an additional physical server. Each time we are able to use a virtual server instead of a physical server, it saves electricity and lowers the cost of the upgrade.

Server Efficiency

For most applications we are able to buy servers with 50 or or 60-watt processors rather than the more common 80 or 95-watt.

We also try to buy servers with efficient power supplies. Most current servers that we buy have power supplies that are 90 percent efficient or better.

Outside Air Cooling

When outside are is cool and has low humidity, the HVAC systems in our server room and telephone room cool by bringing in outside air rather than running the air conditioning system. No building heat is ever needed in either of these rooms during the winter. The equipment operating in them produces enough heat that cooling is needed year round. Any time outside air can be used rather than air conditioning, electricity is saved.

Environmentally Responsible Dry Fire Suppression Systems

When installing dry fire suppression systems in our server room and telephone room, Novec 1230 was chosen as the fire suppressing agent.

Novec 1230 has no ozone depletion potential, and has a 5 day atmospheric lifetime which is much lower than alternative products. Novec also has a Global Warming Potential of 1, which is also much lower than alternative products.