PaperCut is Luther’s print management solution deployed by Information Technology Services (ITS) in 2016. Print management services allow us to more accurately track individual usage and allocate costs in providing print services on campus. They are part of our effort to help cut down on waste and encourage better management of printing resources. Our first print management solution, GoPrint, was installed in 2009. We are currently in the process of phasing out GoPrint on campus.

Luther students are given an allowance of 400 pages ($20.00) of printing for Fall and Spring semesters and 100 pages ($7.00) for the J-Term semester. Printing is tracked by the student’s Norse Key. Students will be charged for printing only when their printing allowance is empty. Unused pages are not carried over from semester to semester.

As part of this change, students, faculty, and staff will now be able to print to lab and classroom network printers from personal computers on campus. Visit for information and client installs.

Paper Usage

Double-sided printing is now available in labs, classrooms, and residence halls.

Color printing is available in the Library Main Floor Lab.

Here are some tips on saving paper so that you won’t go over your semester printing limit:

  • Read emails and articles on the computer instead of printing them out.
  • Print double-sided whenever possible.
  • Reuse. If you don’t need a printout anymore, use the other side for rough drafts, handouts, or scratch paper.
  • Print only what you need. Use the Print Preview feature to make sure that the first printout is correct.
  • If assignments or forms can be submitted electronically, do that instead of in hard copy.