Organizational Structure

Information Technology Services supports the work and mission of the Luther College community by providing:

  • Access to appropriate communication and information resources,
  • Expertise and training in the effective and efficient use of information, and
  • A place to explore and express ideas, ourselves, and our community.

The following chart displays the relationship of different ITS teams and allocation of our human resources across teams. Click the image on the right for a larger view.

ITS Org Chart Sept 2021



As an organization, we seek to appropriately leverage technology services in support of the academic mission of Luther College. Our organization consists of the following teams:

Leadership and Program Support
Responsible for organizational leadership, administrative support of ITS, and facilitating internal and external communications.

Network and Systems
Responsible for development and support of central technology infrastructure including server hardware and data and telephone networks supporting the administrative and academic work of the college.

Software Development
Responsible for development and support of enterprise software applications supporting the administrative and academic work of the college.

User Services
Responsible for supporting Luther community members in their use of information technology services.

ITS Council
The Information Technology Services Council supports Luther College and its mission by providing strategic leadership and operational management for information technology support. The ITS Council consists of the following team members, each of whom serve as team leaders with direct reports within ITS:

  • Executive Director of Information Technology Services, convener
  • Director of Software Development
  • Director of User Services
  • Director of Networks & Systems

Other individuals may be appointed to serve on the ITS Council at the invitation of the Executive Director for defined periods of service.