Automated Workstation Patching

Updating software is an important process of workstation maintenance, but it's very tedious for employees and ITS alike. We recognize that most faculty and staff would rather focus on doing the work they need to do instead of manually keeping their software and operating system updated. In an attempt to allow this to happen, we've enabled automated workstation patching which will help us keep applications and operating systems up to date. To do this, ITS is utilizing the KACE K1000 Management Appliance. This client, which is already installed on Luther-owned workstations, will search for known software applications and attempt to update them automatically. We're hoping that this frees up your time and ours, and increases the security of your workstation to protect it from software vulnerabilities.

NOTE: New patches will begin to be pushed out the day they become available, and attempts will be made everyday thereafter until the patch is applied.

The KACE Client

Patches are ready to be deployed.

The KACE Client is installed on all Luther-owned workstations and will periodically remind faculty/staff when critical software updates are needed and ask for permission before downloading and installing those updates.

If you are in the middle of an important task and do not wish to be interrupted, you may click the ‘Snooze’ or ‘Cancel’ button.

Snooze works similar to an alarm clock; it gives you more time to finish a task, and then a KACE Alert will pop-up again in 60 minutes to remind you that critical patches are needed.

Cancel will clear the KACE Alerts for the day. You will be reminded during the next scheduled run – generally the next day or two – that critical updates are needed.

Restarting Your Computer

Some critical updates require that your workstation be rebooted in order to complete their installation. In those cases, you will receive another alert which will notify you that although the patch is installed, a reboot is needed to complete its installation. When you click ‘YES’, the client will reboot your workstation. You can click ‘No’ if rebooting would interrupt an important task. You will be asked again in two hours. This is similar to ‘snooze’.

Generally speaking, the KACE Client will not reboot the computer until you click ‘Yes’. If the message is repeatedly ignored, however, the client will eventually force a reboot.

IMPORTANT: Save your work and close any open application or browser windows BEFORE you click ‘YES’.