Invited Speakers

Friday Morning Concurrent Session:

“Things Worth Saving and Prairie Photography” - Ty Smedes, Nature Photographer

“The 'Little Prairie Sioux' and Late Prehistoric Human-Prairie Adaptations” - Colin Betts, Professor of Anthropology, Luther College,

“Mining the Tallgrass-The Worst Idea Ever!” - Jeff Abbas, Allamakee County Protectors, Lifelong prairie enthusiast, medicinal and edible species expert, avocational archaeologist focusing on the Woodland Period of Iowa, avocational invertebrate paleontologist with a focus on the Paleozoic Plateau, amateur mycologist and widely regarded Wildflower Photographer.

“Protecting Land, Protecting the Unknown (Especially Insects!)” - Brian Fankhauser, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and MJ Hatfield, Prairie Insect Enthusiast

“Prairie Butterflies and Moths-Introduction and Management” - Armund Bartz, Bureau of Endangered Resources, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources  

“Timber Rattlesnakes and Wildlife of Northeast Iowa Hill Prairies" - Greg Schmitt, Private Lands Biologist, Iowa Department of Natural Resources:

“Prescribed Grazing: are Herbivores the “Natural” Choice?” -  Jesse Bennett; Driftless Land Stewardship, Bagley, WI.

Driftless Area Stream, Prairie and Savanna Restoration: A Unique Challenge - Mike Osterholm, director of CIDRAP, University of Minnesota.

Friday Evening Banquet Plenary:

“What Good is a Hill Prairie?  Economic, Cultural and Ecological Benefits” Angella Moorehouse, Natural Areas Preservation Specialist, Illinois Nature Preserves Commission