Navigating College in The New Normal

Did you ever read a dystopian novel (The Hunger Games, Divergent, Uglies, The Giver, etc.) and think, “Wow. I sure am glad these are all just fiction and would never really happen!” Fast forward five years and here you are, amidst a global pandemic, wondering how you’re supposed to go about your life and make high-stakes decisions when nothing is how you thought it would be.

Social distancing, face masks, and limited opportunities for college visits is definitely not ideal, and I sympathize with young adults trying to move forward in this new reality.

While this definitely isn’t a stellar situation, many college campuses (like Luther College) have decided to look at this world change as an opportunity to provide more accessibility to students who can’t physically visit campus, which could actually be advantageous for you!

If you haven’t yet, I strongly suggest that you check out the opportunities to see the inner workings of campuses to gauge how well colleges might fit your lifestyle. Here are a few options Luther is offering, and I bet you can find similar opportunities from other colleges as well.

Virtual Tours

Because safety is of utmost importance, right now it might be better for you to explore the campus atmosphere from the comfort of your home. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the natural beauty of the campus, the historical architecture of original buildings, and the playful banter and memories from current student ambassadors. Like many campuses, we offer several opportunities each week for students to simply click a link, sit back, and enjoy a tour of our campus from the perspective of students who know it well. You can ask questions if you’d like, or you can just listen to these students’ favorite study spots and best breakfasts. Even if you can’t physically be here with us, you can get to know us and our home a little better.

Visit Days

If you’d like a more structured day created for a large group of students like you, you can register for a visit day. These days consist of hearing from and gaining perspectives from a wide variety of people from the college.

1:1 Virtual Visits with Admissions Counselors

If a more personal, interactive experience is what you’re looking for, you might consider signing up for a chat with an admissions counselor. They’re trained to be ready for your questions and concerns, and respect your privacy and confidentiality. They can give you personal tours, ask specific questions, or give you a deeper look at our college and your opportunities. Additionally, if you’d like a chance to speak 1:1 with a coach, professor, or music director, we can set that up for you as well!

On-Site Campus Visits

Many colleges have recently opened to the public for campus tours and in-person meetings with admissions counselors. While we’re excited to offer this opportunity to prospective students and their families, know that safety is still the #1 priority, and these visits will be regulated. If you decide to make an on-campus visit, you may need to make an appointment to keep time and distance between other visitors and wear masks at all times. You also may not be able to see every spot on campus since some buildings may not be in use due to COVID-19. And keep in mind that since most students are not on-site, the campus won’t be as lively as usual.

Like other colleges, we’re looking forward to helping you make some important life decisions. Whether you’re ready to visit us in person or just want to have an email conversation, know that admissions counselors are always available and willing to chat!

Now you go and be a heroic protagonist of this dystopian reality, and hopefully we can help with some of the fine print!