I think the immersion trip program is a great way to start off your freshman year because you get to know new people who you will keep as your friends for a long time! -Shelby Oelschlager

I highly recommend the Immersion Trip for every Luther student. Coming into college, I thought, "Yeah, I'm a sociable person, I'll meet people." But my parents nudged me toward going the trip, and I'm really glad they did. I met some really awesome people who, to this day, I still hang out with. Over the week, we canoed the Upper Iowa River, hung out, played Ultimate Frisbee, learned judo, and chopped down a tree with a hatchet. It was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I would recommend that every first year take this opportunity to get to know people before college actually starts. -Erik Romanski

The boundary waters immersion trip is probably the most fun trip I have ever been on. I cannot recommend more highly the trip or the immersion program. I spent the most perfect week doing the best things with the coolest people. I am still really close friends with my group and close with the other people from the other three groups. To me, this speaks really highly of the program because of the bonds we formed from the trip. Without it, it is possible that I might have never met some of my best friends! My group and I frequently think about how badly we want to go back and do the trip again. Also, having the group of people to lean on made the transition a lot easier. I knew that there were people that I could talk to about problems.I can't speak more highly of my experience.Great memories and friendships were made that I will never lose. It was a fantastic experience. -Laura Turco

I highly recommend the immersion trips to all incoming freshman. I made friendships that will last a lifetime and the trip made my transition to Luther so easy. Plus, it is always nice to see my leader, Jason, everyday around campus! Our group did so many fun activities that really brought us closer and tightened our friendships. -Kristen Lambert