The IMFA composition program provides young composers with mentorship from seasoned teachers who are also active composers, access to talented singers and instrumentalists who are eager to collaborate on composition projects, and time in which to compose.

We believe that collaboration and mentorship are both essential elements in an inspiring, creative environment.

Collaboration: Composition students at IMFA have the opportunity to compose three works to be premiered during the course of the festival: an art song for voice and piano, a chamber work for strings or piano and strings, and an electronic piece.  Composers will be paired with performers for the art song and chamber piece and these teams work together to create new musical works over the course of the month in Duino.  Faculty-coached rehearsals for these ensembles are scheduled to provide opportunities to experiment and exchange ideas.

Mentorship: Since enrollment in the composition program is limited, participants receive significant mentorship through individual and group composition lessons each week. Composers also benefit from the availability of the performance faculty, who are eager to help composers refine their musical ideas.

In addition to performances of works composed during the festival, composers will also be invited to submit previously-completed works for performance consideration.

The Duino Prize in Composition

What is it? An additional $500 scholarship and a performance in Duino, Italy, during the 2019 session of IMFA.

Who may apply? Any composition student who plans to attend the 2019 session of IMFA.

What to submit: An original chamber work, not more than 10 minutes, that uses instruments/voices from this list: violin, viola, cello, voice, and/or piano.

When to apply: The application for the 2019 season is now closed.

Where to submit: Eligible composers may send scores (with recordings, if available) to [email protected]. pdfs and mp3s only, please. Write "Duino Prize" in the subject line of your message.

The winner will be announced by May 15, 2019. The prize money is offered as a scholarship in addition to any other scholarship the winner may receive. If no suitable work is submitted, IMFA reserves the right not to award a prize. Questions? Please email [email protected].

A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

—Neil Quillen, composer

IMFA 2017, a composition lesson