Storytelling with Images at Luther During the Pandemic

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We've had quite a story to tell this past year. Capturing engaging, personal, and vibrant video and images is already a challenge. Adding mask wearing, social distancing, cancellations, and last minute changes didn't make it any easier!

The photographers and producers in the Photo and Video Bureaus stepped up to that challenge to gather some incredible images and were able to tell some intriguing stories which all had a common theme: The Luther community remained committed to keeping the campus safe and together so students could continue to learn actively.

Homecoming, Christmas at Luther, Giving Day, athletic events, and our in-person commencement are a few events that looked a bit different, but all involved found creative solutions to make them happen. As you'll see in the photos below, it was worth it!

Our student photographers in 2020-21 were Wyatt Hill ‘21 (Virtual Voice Lesson), Lillian Reiser ‘21 (Christmas at Luther), Anthony Hamer '22 (Candlelight Vigil), Armando Jenkins-Vazquez ‘21 (Memorial Day video), Danica Nolton ‘23 (Track and Field Meet), Nick Greseth ‘23 (First Snow on Campus), Karisa Vijums ‘22 (Commencement), Hunter Meyer ’22 (Discovery Camp) , and Navia Erbst (Sigma Tau Delta Initiation). You can also view the Commencement 2021 video

Luther Music Department hosts virtual voice lesson due to COVID-19.
Christmas at Luther 2020.
Candlelight Vigil.
Luther hosted the ARC Indoor Track and Field Triangular on Saturday February 27, 2021.
Luther students enjoy the first snow on campus.
Luther celebrated the class of 2021 on Sunday, May 16, 2021 in the Center for Faith and Life.
Discovery Camp.
Sigma Tau Delta Initiation.

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