The Pursuit of Passion

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Passion is heart wrenching

Passion is euphoric

Passion is worth all emotion

To truly be passionate is to find something worth emotionally investing in. Whether it be a hobby or a necessity of life find what you love and pursue it passionately.

Passion is time consuming

Passion is exhausting

Passion leaves you wanting just a little bit more

Late nights, early mornings, every minute of time filled because you have no other way, but in the end you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Passion is the little things

Passion is the big moments

Passion is everyday

It can present itself without prompt. In the little things people do when you know they are happy, or the sunset driving home after a long day that makes you happy to be alive.

Passion is hard work

Passion is dedication

Passion is love with a purpose

To find your purpose and throw everything you have into it can fill you to the very brim of life when you feel truly on top of the world.

Passion is love

Passion is life

Passion is ever changing

Passion is what you define it to be for yourself. Only you can truly know and only you can know if you are lying. What is this life without passion? What is the purpose behind all that you do? What are you striving for that makes all this worth it? What is the end goal, what is the process? Are you really looking to achieve all of life’s goals or are you just pursuing your passion?

Annika Johnson

Annika Johnson

Annika Johnson is a sophomore at Luther College and is considering majoring in communication studies or psychology. She is a member of the Norse soccer team and on the Dance Marathon crew. Annika also blogs for The Odyssey and works in the Luther College Book Shop. She enjoys time with her friends, photography and hammocking. Her favorite animal is a koala but the Luther squirrels are a close second.

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