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After two years on the film festival circuit, the March 3 screening and question and answer session at the Beloit International Film Festival marks the 15th official selection for "Ironhead" (2015), a documentary film on the creative work of ironmonger Kelly Ludeking and the happenings at his Down on the Farm Iron Pour, a yearly communal gathering of local and national artists collaborating to make cast iron art at the Ludeking family farm in Decorah, Iowa. 

Below are the details on the film, including a link to its recent appearance on Iowa Public Television's "Film Lounge" and a link to our Facebook page

Ironhead (2015)

Shot on high definition video, edited with Final Cut Pro

Runtime: 9 minutes 15 seconds

Produced by Thomas C. Johnson & Neal Abbott

Featuring Kelly Ludeking

Filmed in Decorah, Iowa

Color by Aaron Lurth, Luther director of Visual Media

Music by Brooke Joyce, associate professor of music and Composer-In-Residence

Official selections:

- Beloit International Film Festival, Beloit, Wisconsin (March 2017)

- Sioux City International Film Festival, Sioux City, Iowa (February 2017)

- Kansas International Film Festival, Overland Park, Kansas (November 2016)

- Greenwich Village Film Festival, New York, New York (October 2016)

- Let's All Be Free Film Festival, London, England (October 2016)

- Wild Rose Independent Film Festival, Des Moines, Iowa (May 2016)

- Fargo Film Festival, Fargo, North Dakota (March 2016)

- Red Wasp Independent Film Festival, College Station, Texas (March 2016)

- Speechless Film Festival, Mankato, Minnesota (March 2016)

- Frozen River Film Festival, Winona, Minnesota (February 2016)

- Liverpool Lift-Off Online Film Festival, Lieverpool, England (February 2016)

- Fargo Fantastic Film Festival, Fargo, North Dakota (October 2015)

- Milwaukee Film Festival, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (October 2015)

- Yellowknife International Film Festival, Yellowknife, Canada (October 2015)

- Oneota Film Festival, Decorah, Iowa: Walter Ordway Best of Fest Award (March 2015)

Additional screenings:

- Iowa Public Television's "Film Lounge" (February 2017)

- Bethany Lutheran College (October 2016)

- Eighth International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art (June 2016)

- Cedar Rapids Houbi Days (August 2015)

- White Bear Center for the Arts (July 2015)

- Winneshiek Hotel (July 2015)  

Facebook page:


Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Thomas C. Johnson, an Associate Professor of Communication Studies, has taught critical media studies and media production courses at Luther since 2011. Along with teaching, his research interests include pedagogy, sport media, television studies, gender studies and documentary film.

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