For accountants, it's not only about the numbers...

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Writing in an accounting course? Yes. In addition to learning numerical analysis and financial presentations, accounting students practice professional writing.

The ability to write with clarity, coherence and conciseness is a highly valued competency. Intentionally designed writing assignments allow accounting students to practice professional writing and learn the difference between academic writing and the crisp writing expected in the business environment.

Accounting information becomes useful to the non-financial decision makers when it is clearly communicated. Combining visual presentation and concise written explanation of financial information supports the users of the financial information. Moving from financial details and accountant speak increases the value of the financial information and the contribution of the accounting professional.

Educating accountants in a liberal arts college provides a supportive environment for emphasizing the importance of good writing. Conveying the message in fewer words is the challenge in accounting writing assignments. Accounting graduates appreciate the writing competency development during their Luther years. Numbers and well written words are key components in the professional accountant's tool box.

Ramona Nelson

Ramona Nelson

Mona Nelson has been a professor in the Business department since 1990, focusing on the topics of financial and tax accounting, and auditing. Some of her course topics include fundamentals of accounting, intermediate accounting I and II, auditing and assurance services, and leading and managing nonprofit organizations.

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