Questions during Interview

Repeat what is contained on the application and allow the applicant to acknowledge or answer your question.

  • I see that you worked for (Organization Name) from ___________ to ____________.
  • You held the position of ________________________________.
  • In your position of __________________, you performed the responsibilities of ________________________________________________.
  • What was your reason for leaving (Organization Name)?
  • Your reason for leaving the company was due to ________________.
  • You graduated from ________________ High School.
  • You received training on _________________.

Explore claimed accomplishments

  • I see that you were the Employee of the Month at (Organization Name).
  • You state that you achieved a high level of customer satisfaction. Tell me about that.
  • I see that you were left in charge when your supervisor was on vacation. Tell me about that experience.

Fill in the blanks

  • Gaps in employment, career changes, etc.