Be Prepared to Answer

    Here is a sample list of questions a job applicant may ask about the position.

    • What are the chief responsibilities of the position?
    • What qualities are you looking for in a candidate for this position?
    • Where does this position fit in the organizational structure?
    • How much travel would be involved?
    • What would be the next likely career step from this position?
    • How did the job become vacant or if this is a new position, why was it created?
    • Did you consider or are you considering internal candidates for the position?
    • How is performance evaluated?
    • What are the key challenges of the position?
    • How do you see the position fitting into the department and organization?
    • What is the history of the college?
    • How profitable is the school?
    • Who are the college's major competitors?
    • What is the growth plan or strategy for the school in the next year or so?
    • What are the biggest challenges facing the college?