Hiring Process Steps

The table on this page defines the steps for hiring a new staff employee at Luther. The table indicates what steps are completed in HireTouch. HireTouch instructions can be found by clicking on the document link for those steps.

Please contact HR with any questions.


Hiring Process

Step Purpose * Use HireTouch Hiring Manager Human Resources Vice President Search Committee
Cabinet Request to Hire Approval Submit completed Request to Hire form and updated job description to Vice President. VP will present to Cabinet and notify supervisor of outcome. Request_to Hire
Create a Requisition Authorization Document the requirements of the position to be filled.

* Requisition Authorization Creation (PDF)

Email sent to 1st approver.

Approve the Requisition Job description is reviewed by management and approved before the job can be posted.

* Approvals (PDF)

Email sent to next approver.

Post Job Post the job online and newspapers as specified. * Job posted on Luther HR Website. X
Accept Applications Applicants submit applications online through Luther’s HR website. * Applicants receive an email once they have completed the application process.
Review Applicants Applicant applications are reviewed to identify qualified candidates and select top choices to proceed. Update Status.

* Review Applicants (PDF)

Update Applicant Status (PDF)

Screening Complete further screening of applicants to determine who to interview on campus.  Update status. * Update Applicant Status (PDF) X
Schedule On-Campus Interview Call candidates to schedule on campus interviews. X
On-Campus Interview Conduct On-Campus interviews. X X * X
Update Applicant status Update the status of the selected applicant to ‘Qualified: Proceed.’ *Update Applicant Status (PDF) X
Determine salary Work with HR to determine salary to be offered. X X
Verbal Offer Make verbal offer contingent on the background check, get background check approval from the applicant. X
Background Check Complete the background check. X
Hiring Proposal  1 Complete the Hiring proposal. * Hiring Proposal (PDF) X
Hiring Proposal  2 HR reviews and approves the hiring proposal. * Hiring Proposal (PDF) X
Offer Letter Offer letter is sent to the Applicant. X
Call Other Interviewed Applicants Call applicants that were interviewed to let them know the position has been filled. * X
Update status & notify applicants not interviewed Update the status of all applicants (sending email notification to applicants not interviewed). Internal applicants are notified by phone by HR.

* Send Email and Update Status (PDF)

Email will be sent to the Applicant.