Staff Day

“Sailing the Norse Seas" - Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This year's Staff Day, “Sailing the Norse Seas a Pirate's Adventure,” will be held Wednesday, June 7, 2017. The day is designed to provide some relaxed time together after a busy academic year and to grow in appreciation for the knowledge and gifts of members of the community.

The program begins with registration at noon, followed by lunch in the Cafeteria at 12:15 p.m. Two fun and informative breakout sessions follow and at 3:15 p.m. we will regroup for a closing program and the announcement of the 2017 Staff Excellence Award winners. All staff who participate in staff day are free to go home at 4:00 p.m. Staff participating in Staff Day may wear shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers for the day, or may change at noon, depending on their business attire requirements during the morning. Check with your supervisor.

Registration is now closed.

Breakout Sessions

Below are this year's breakout sessions. Please keep in mind that not all sessions are offered twice, and some are longer and therefore take up both time slots.

How to Sing like a Pirate
Learn the history of old sea shanties and naval songs with professor emeritus of music Jim Griesheimer.

Drafting the Drinks of the High Seas (fills both sessions)
Take a tour of the world-famous Toppling Goliath Brewery in Decorah. See where the magic happens, and taste the old standards along with maybe some new tastes that haven't been released yet.

Steer Your Ship by the Stars
Join Captain Ken Larson in Luther's own air conditioned Planetarium for a show that will astound you. Imagine the pirates guiding their ships by the stars. The presentation will facilitate interaction and promote questions.

"Don't Be a Pirate" - Etiquette Rules for Our Time
Take a fun look at some of those actions that keep you off the party invitation list. Pirate captains will fight over you at their parties in the future. Session Leaders: Wayne Tudor and Amy Wrightsman

Landlubbers Hike at Lionberger Reserve (fills both sessions)
Join Long John Silver's great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter Charlotte and her trusty sidekick Velma for a fun-filled walk exploring some of Luther's own land. Aye matey - there will be a hidden treasure to find, worth your weight in gold! Session Leaders: Chandra Jennings and Vicky Jaeger

Yo Ho Ho! Disc Golfing We Will Go!
Ahoy Landlubblers! Keep your own 2 feet on solid ground and send your disc a float! This session will teach the basics of disc golf and you'll get the chance to partake in a friendly competition with your fellow disc golf mateys! Session Leader: Andrew Bailey

Look Out Below: Ropes Course (fills both sessions)
There is no water beneath the planks you'll walk across and the treasure you will find is not the buried kind, but the thrill of completion you will gain! So come with us and complete Luther's Rope Course Challenge! Session Leader: Jeff Boeke

X Marks the Spot: Discover Luther's Buried Treasures
You won't need a map for this treasure hunt, Captain Steve Arneson will lead you to some of Luther's very own buried treasures. You'll be surprised at some of the hidden places you never knew existed within the bowels of campus! Ay Matey, it might be wise to bring along an older pair of shoe or a pair that can get a bit grubby!

Pirate Drum Circle
Come join your fellow pirate friends in a drum circle and beat to the rhythm of the Norse Seas. Session Leader: Erik Berg

Nautical Knots
Don't despair as your boat floats away due to tying a bunny knot when it should have been a bowline. Always felt like you are all thumbs when it comes to tying things up? Come learn some tricks, loops and lashes! Session Leader: Amy Webber

Cook like a Pirate
Brush Up on Kitchen Basics. Join the Luther Chefs as we explore knife skills, cooking techniques, food safety and so much more

From Landlubber to Swashbuckler with Photoshop
To all ye landlubbers, go on account and have your image become a swashbuckler in a blink of ye eye. Learn the basics of Photoshop and other photo manipulation software. Session Leaders: Michael Espey and Ahmed Muaz

Virtual Pirate Vacation
For all ye swabbers, take a virtual vacation by importing yourself to a far away land via a green screen. Session Leaders: Michael Espey and Ahmed Muaz

Swim the Open Seas
Yo ho ho off to the Luther swimming pool you go! Open swim, its up to you... wade, jump, splash, tread, or make a few laps, just don't sink! 

Would-be Woodcarvers (fills both sessions)
Would-be Woodcarvers, Join Harley Refsal in a lesson in 'kolrosing' (COLE-rosing), a traditional Scandinavian (scrimshaw-like technique) for decorating woodenware for your home; All materials and equipment will be provided for making a wooden butter spreader during this session. Then, bring it home, use it and show it off ... you will be the envy of the other pirates. No experience necessary!