Temporary Employees

Department: Human Resources

Subject: Temporary Employees

Date Issued: January 16, 2008

Date Revised: November 10, 2012

I. Policy

This policy outlines the guidelines for hiring temporary employees and identifying appropriate benefits.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all staff positions.

III. Terms and Definitions

  • Temporary—a temporary employee is one who is employed for a short period of time to complete a special project, to work during the absence of a regular employee due to resignation or leave of absence, to be on call during a departments peak load period, etc. Temporary employees may be paid on an hourly or monthly basis, depending on the variability of their work schedules and whether the position is classified as exempt or non-exempt. Generally, temporary employees are not eligible for benefits.
  • Temporary Staff Budget—a budget that occurs in a department that hires temporary staff as a part of their normal operations and is managed by the budget center director. Departments that need to hire temporary staff for replacements for special circumstances should contact the Director of Budgeting to determine budget funding.

IV. Procedures and Guidelines

A. Hiring a temporary employee

  • Hiring supervisor must complete a Temporary Employee Offer Worksheet (see the Human Resources website or contact Human Resources at ext. 1134)
  • The applicant must complete a job application.
  • Hiring supervisor must confirm that there is adequate temporary staff budget to fund this position and must have their supervisor's approval.
  • Hiring supervisor must work with Human Resources to determine the appropriate rate of pay and applicable benefits (see procedure B regarding setting pay).
  • Appropriate interview screening must be used in hiring all temporary employees (Refer to the interviewing guidelines).
  • All temporary employees will participate in an abbreviated new employee orientation.
  • Normally, temporary employees will be issued a temporary 30-day parking permit. The parking permit may be renewed for 30-day extensions upon written request of the immediate supervisor.
  • Normally, temporary employees will not be issued any college keys unless approved by the appropriate vice president.

B. Setting pay for the position and determining any subsequent pay increases

Starting rate of pay will be determined by using the following guidelines based on the position to be filled.

  • The difference between the minimum and midpoint of the applicable pay grade is divided by eight. Each two years of past applicable work experience counts for one year in the pay grade. In any case, the final hourly rate cannot exceed the midpoint. For example, an employee with eight years of applicable experience will receive four years of credit. Therefore, the hourly rate will equal 4/8ths progression toward the midpoint of the new pay grade. The minimum pay for all temporary positions will be $8.60/hour.
  • Subsequent pay increases will be reviewed annually in August. A temporary employee must accumulate a minimum of 1,000 hours to be eligible for a pay increase and must meet or exceed the expectations of the hiring supervisor as noted on a completed performance appraisal. Once the 1,000-hour requirement has been met they will be eligible for annual increases. Normally, the pay increase will be one half of the annual staff increase.
  • In August of each year Human Resources will review accumulated hours worked by all temporary employees and their supervisor to determine eligibility for annual pay increase and applicable benefits.

C. Eligible benefits

  • In order for the temporary employee to receive an ID card with full access, they must have worked a minimum of 1,000 accumulated hours since the date of hire.
  • An ID card with full access will be designated for the temporary employee only.
  • ID benefits include free admission to college events, admission to the Regents Center and Legends Fitness Center, 10 percent discount at the Book Shop and Library privileges. Charging privileges are not available for temporary employees. Spouses and dependents of temporary employees are not eligible to receive an ID card.

D. Termination of employment

  • The hiring supervisor must notify Human Resources when a temporary employee is terminated and will schedule a check out time with Human Resources.
  • Human Resources will notify Dining Services when a temporary employee is terminated so that their ID is removed from the system.
  • Normally, if a temporary employee has not worked within the last 12 months, their employment will be automatically terminated.

V. Confidentiality and Record

All documents related to the staffing process, pay, and related employment records will be held in strict confidence in the Human Resources.