Separation of Employment

Department: Human Resources

Subject: Separation of Employment Policy

I. Policy/Procedure

The purpose of this policy is to identify the guidelines that are necessary at the time a staff member separates employment from Luther College through resignation or termination.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all employees including full-time, part-time, regular, and temporary employees.

III. Procedures and Guidelines

When an employee is separated from employment, the supervisor has the responsibility to communicate the separation to Human Resources and other appropriate departments to ensure the procedures of this policy are followed.

A. Notice Requirements

  • Employees who voluntarily terminate their employment should give at least a two-week notice.
  • Once the resignation has been accepted, supervisors are not required to allow an employee to rescind a resignation, whether it was given verbally or in writing.
  • With approval of Human Resources, supervisors may choose to have the employee leave immediately rather than continue working through the two-week notice period. In such cases, the employee will still be paid for that two-week period.
  • If an employee provides less notice than is required, the staff member may be deemed ineligible for rehire at the College.

B. Separation Procedures

When a staff member ends employment with the College, the supervisor is responsible for the following steps:

Initiate the termination document Payroll/Status Change Notice as soon as the employee announces their intent to leave the College. 

Schedule an exit review with Human Resources for the employee on their last day of employment. At that meeting, Human Resources will review the following items with the employee:

  • Eligibility for early retirement health
  • Health, Cobra, and flex forms
  • Group life insurance conversion options
  • TIAA-Cref information
  • Vacation days accrued
  • Miscellaneous payroll deductions
  • Employee exit checklist

Ask the departing employee on their last day of work to complete the exit checklist which Human Resources gave to them. This checklist requires authorized signatures and includes the following:

  • Return college keys to Facilities Services.
  • Receive authorization from the Office for Financial Services regarding any employee charges, loans, fees, and fines. If applicable, these will be deducted from the employees final paycheck.
  • If applicable, return the college credit card to the Office for Financial Services.
  • Receive authorization from the library regarding any employee charges for books due and fines. If applicable, these will be deducted from the employees final paycheck.
  • Indicate a forwarding address.
  • If applicable, return letter of resignation that has been previously submitted to the employee's supervisor to Human Resources.
  • If applicable, return equipment and uniforms to supervisor.

Ensure that the employee returns the completed and signed exit checklist and college ID card to Human Resources by the end of the final day.

IV. Confidentiality and Record

All records and appropriate paperwork related to the employees separation will be maintained in Human Resources.