Guidelines for Writing Exempt Sabbatical Leave Proposal

1. Project Proposal

  • Describe your project.
  • Outline how the sabbatical will make you more effective in your position and how it fits into your long-term plan for professional growth.
  • Describe how Luther College will benefit from your sabbatical.
  • Relate this proposal to your past work experience, including any previous sabbaticals.
  • Demonstrate that the plan is realistic and manageable in the timeframe you propose (one semester or one year).
  • Describe how your responsibilities might be covered during your absence.

2. If the project includes off campus research or a residency, provide documentation showing that all arrangements have been made.

3. If the sabbatical is dependent on working with an organization, the sabbatical application must include a letter from a representative of that organization indicating their agreement with the sabbatical project arrangements.

4. Discuss the nature of any supplemental funds you are seeking to help complete the project.