Pet Policy

Department: Facilities Services

Subject: Pet Policy

Date Issued: March 18, 2009; updated October 1, 2011

I. Policy

This policy outlines the guidelines for pets in campus buildings and college vehicles.

II. Purpose

Animals can present a health concern in the form of allergies and disease. Animals can also pose a potential damage to the buildings and vehicles in the form of stains and odors. The only exceptions to the policy would be for service animals and educational purposes.

III. Scope

This policy applies to all faculty and staff of Luther College.

IV. Procedures and Guidelines

  • Luther College has established policies regarding the presence of pets and animals on campus. While the College appreciates the special nature of the owner-pet relationship, the College is a workplace and residence for many people. The welfare of the entire community must be considered paramount. The policy recognizes that animals have the potential to impose on the safety, health, personal well-being, and comfort of college employees and residents as well as the sanitation, housekeeping, and physical condition of the campus.
  • With exception of small fish and service animals, the College prohibits any person from bringing or keeping pets in academic, administrative, and all other general buildings.
  • Staff members should notify Facilities Services, ext. 1010, if there are pets in any campus buildings or college vehicles. Facilities Services will contact the Vice President of the appropriate department for appropriate action.

V. Confidentiality and Record

All records related to this policy will be maintained by the appropriate offices.