Corrective Action

Department: Human Resources

Subject: Corrective Action

Date Issued: September 1, 2005

I. Policy/Procedure

The corrective action policy has been developed to establish a consistent and systematic means of addressing employee behavior that does not meet the expectations of the College.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all college personnel except faculty.

III. Terms and Definitions

Corrective action will be determined by the College in light of the facts and circumstances of each case. Corrective action measures may include oral or written warnings, probation, suspension with or without pay or termination of employment. Each case will be considered in light of a variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • the seriousness of the case
  • the employees past conduct and length of service
  • the nature of the employee's previous performance or incidents involving the employee

IV. Procedures and Guidelines

The employee's immediate supervisor is responsible for initiating the corrective action process. The employee's supervisor will meet with their supervisor and the Director of Human Resources to discuss all of the factors concerning the employee's behavior and appropriate documentation. Based on this review, a recommendation will be made to the employee's Vice President as to what form of corrective action should be taken. In the event that termination of employment is recommended, a final review and approval will be made by the President of the College.

The following are examples of misconduct that could result in corrective action, up to and/or including termination of employment:

  • violation of the Inappropriate Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy
  • acts or threatened acts of violence, as described in the Anti-Violence Policy
  • theft or misappropriation of college funds or supplies, including misuse of campus computing resources
  • unexplained absences from work
  • refusal or failure to follow directions from the employee's immediate supervisor
  • uncivil behavior, such as discourtesy, rudeness, or profane language, whether directed at colleagues, students, or guests of the College
  • unauthorized disclosure of confidential information
  • violation of the Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • unsatisfactory performance of the employee in their position

V. Confidentiality and Record

All discussions and related documentation of corrective action will be kept in strict confidence and shared only with appropriate individuals. Final documentation will become part of the employees personnel file in the Office of Human Resources.