Temporary Additional Responsibilities

Department: Human Resources

Subject: Temporary Additional Responsibilities

Date Issued: May 1, 2006

I. Policy

This policy outlines the guidelines for employees to receive additional compensation when they assume additional responsibilities.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all staff positions.

III. Terms and Definitions

  • Temporary additional responsibilities—temporary additional duties are those responsibilities assigned by a Vice President that are significantly different or significantly increase the employees workload and are typically compensated at a higher rate of pay.
  • Normally, the temporary additional responsibilities will be for at least one month up to one year.
  • All benefits based on compensation will reflect the individual's new rate of pay.

IV. Procedures and Guidelines

A. When a supervisor sees a need to significantly increase the workload of an employee or assign an employee significantly different responsibilities, the supervisor will prepare a proposal outlining, in detail:

  • the reason for the change.
  • length of time of the change.
  • potential impact to the College and the employee.

B. The supervisor will review the proposal with their Vice President and the Director of Human Resources. If the proposal is approved, the Director of Human Resources will research and recommend any changes in compensation.

  • Any changes in compensation will be based on local, regional, and national surveys. Other regional colleges may also be surveyed as appropriate.
  • The Vice President and Director of Human Resources may also compare like positions within the College in regards to qualifications and length of service.
  • Applicable Luther College work experience may also be credited (two years of Luther experience = one step in pay range).

C. Once approved by the Vice President, a payroll change notice will be completed by the supervisor indicating any changes in compensation along with a starting and ending date of the change in responsibilities.

V. Confidentiality and Record

All records of additional responsibilities and associated pay changes will be maintained in the employee's personnel file in Human Resources.