Reader/Word Directions

Instructions to complete Microsoft version of Performance Evaluation Form:

  1. Use the mouse to navigate through the form.
  2. Comment boxes are unlimited in length and will expand as comments are entered.
  3. Use Save As when saving form. Please remember to save the form in a secure location:
    1. Select one of your department drives
    2. Click on the File> and Save As>
    3. Appropriately name your document
    4. Click on the "Save" button

Instructions to complete Adobe Acrobat version of Performance Evaluation Fill-In Form:

  1. Please be sure to allow/schedule enough time to complete a person's evaluation in a single block of time
  2. Use Tab key to navigate through form. To save time you can navigate through the form by using the mouse to point and click.
  3. To check a Rating Box, tab to appropriate box and left click.
  4. To remove check, tab to appropriate box and click or use the mouse to point and click on box.
  5. Reminder: You cannot save this form with Adobe Reader so be sure to print the completed evaluation before closing the file.