Children in the Workplace Guidance


The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all children who visit the college. Luther College values families and welcomes employees to bring their family members to campus to learn in community, attend campus events and to use campus facilities as appropriate. The college also affirms the need for a productive work environment for all employees and an excellent learning environment for its students.

Luther College does not offer childcare and our facilities are not designed to meet child safety standards found at licensed childcare providers. It is not appropriate for employees to bring their children to work in lieu of childcare options. Children who are ill should never be brought to campus at any time for the protection of the entire campus community.

Luther College recognizes that there may be circumstances that children may need to be on campus for a short, limited time for the convenience of the employee such as the timing of a medical or dental appointment. Employees facing such circumstances must respect the need of other community members for a quiet work environment and educational setting. Parents and guardians are responsible at all times for the supervision of their child.

The College encourages employees’ children to attend campus programs specifically designed for children or to attend events accompanied by a parent or guardian. This would include but is not limited to athletic, cultural, educational, religious, or social events.