EyeMed Website Directions

Directions for accessing Careington/EyeMed Website:

  1. Access the Careington Website.
  2. Click on Provider Search on the top of the page. You will then be given the option of Current Member or Prospective Member.
  3. Click on Current Member.
  4. Under Provider Search, fill in your Member ID which can be found on your Medical ID Card and then click Continue.
  5. Your name should show up.
  6. Under Step 1 check both boxes for Lasik Vision Correction and Vision providers. Step 2 does not need to be completed.
  7. Under Step 3 you can limit your search to City, State, Zip or just include City, State or Zip. You then need to indicate Distant in Miles of which you are looking for a Provider.
  8. Click on Search for Providers.
  9. Under Step 4 you will see Lasik Vision Providers and EyeMed Providers.
  10. Click on Box next to Expand and a list will show up. If next to the box shows Collapse that means no providers were found within the specifications of the search.
  11. The list will show five providers at a time. To see additional providers, click on next five.