Health/Physical Education/Sports Management Internship

The Department of Health and Physical Education believes the internship program affords students the opportunity to apply acquired cognitive skills and is a valuable supplement to their learning experience. Consequently, there is an expectation that the internship will foster learning and the acquisition of useful professional skills. Internships failing to meet these objectives will not be approved.

Typically, the student intern will be a junior or senior working towards a major or minor in Health, Physical Education, or Sport Management. The department expects the student to have completed the necessary courses to meet the objectives of the internship and possess the habits and motivation to benefit the sponsoring agency.


  1. Successful completion of 32 semester hours, overall.

Internship requirements specific to health, physical education and sports management interns:

  1. The internship must be at least 36 working hours per credit. Internships are offered on a credit/no credit basis only. Internship credit is variable.
  2. The student must complete a daily log of internship activities (submit to the faculty supervisor within one week after completing the internship). This journal should include observations, responsibilities, resource materials collected, and recommendations associated with the internship.
  3. The student must complete a type-written, post-internship paper detailing and evaluating the internship experience (no more than three pages). Submit this document to the faculty supervisor within one week after completing the internship.
  4. The supervising faculty member may implement additional requirements deemed appropriate as part of the internship agreement. If so, these expectations should be clearly defined and included on the internship contract.

Steps leading to approval/completion of the internship

  1. Obtain the Internship Packet from the Career Center. This packet will contain the Internship Registration Form, Student Internship Agreement, Learning Plan, Evaluation forms, and other necessary forms and information.
  2. Secure an internship site.
  3. Select a faculty supervisor in the HPE Department and obtain his/her signature on the internship contract.
  4. Complete all forms required by the Career Center and comply with established Career Center and HPE internship procedures.
  5. Complete internship.
  6. Submit your journal, paper, and any other agreed upon material to the supervising faculty member.

Limb Lab Lends a Hand

Stoddard and her Limb Lab mentor, David Coleman

Rachel Stoddard '17 interned with Limb Lab in Rochester, Minn., to 3-D print a myoelectric hand.