A Missive from Münster

Victoria and Robert Christman took a moment from the last busy days of their sabbatical to send us a missive on what they’ve been up to this year in Europe. Victoria elaborates,

“We came to Europe with a book project in mind, on which we have done a lot of work already, and which we thought we could finish during the course of the year.  As we dug more deeply into this topic, however, we have come to realize how little is known about this particular case (it is about the first two executions of Protestants in the Reformation), and how much more work needs to be done!  We now think that there are two books in it, and that we should write them both!  Therefore, instead of coming home with a finished product, we are bringing home a lot more work!

“In addition to all of that, I (Victoria) submitted my own book manuscript to a publisher prior to coming here.  He sent it out to readers, whose comments I received about two months ago.  I therefore "officially stepped out" of our common project for the months of May, June, and July, so that I can make the changes these readers suggested, and get my own book finished and off to press!  So I've left Robert to focus on our mutual project at the end of our sabbatical year.

"For his part, Robert has also taken on a few unexpected deadlines.  Since we came to Münster, he was asked to do two book reviews, a significant translation project, and serve as an outside reviewer on a tenure committee.  He is almost done with all of those projects now.  He is also in the end stages of writing two articles (based on our original project), and was invited to present his research to a group of faculty and grad students here at the University in Münster at the beginning of July.  

"So, that's our update.  As you can tell, we're not sitting back and coasting to the finish of our sabbatical year!  But we're still loving being here, and we still are convinced that this is a worthy project - more so than ever, in fact.  The trick now will be figuring out how to get it finished!"

Robert adds, “The big picture is that we have discovered that the event we are working on was much more interconnected, and therefore more important, with the broader early Reformation than historians have thought to date.”

We’re looking forward to having them back with us, but wish them best of luck as they wrap up a momentous year.  

Robert and Victoria Christman