Junior and Senior Seminars

History 485:

Future Offerings
(2014 – 2016)

History majors are required to complete History 485: Junior-Senior Seminar. Normally one section of this course is offered each semester, with the specific topic varying, depending on the instructor. The seminars give students the opportunity to examine a subject in more depth than is usually possible in a course covering a broader topic. Course work involves reading and discussion of works related to the general focus of the course, including historiography, and culminates in the preparation of a 20-25 page research paper. It is strongly encouraged that students take HIST 485 one or more semesters prior to completing HIST 490, the senior paper. The following list provides a tentative schedule of forthcoming seminars (subject to change). For more information regarding the specific topics, contact the individual instructors.


Fall 2016: Peterson (Modern Europe)
Spring 2017:Tebbenhoff (Early US)


Fall 2017: Caton (Asia)
Spring 2018: V. Christman (Early Modern Europe)


Fall 2018: Wilkie (Modern US)
Spring 2019: Mtisi (Africa)