The Math Inquiry Workshops

The figure on the right shows the random paths of two objects (one blue and one red) in the plane. The figure to the left is the resultant chaotic pattern that may develop in logistic population growth.

The Math Inquiry Workshops provide inservice and preservice secondary STEM teachers and college science faculty opportunities to explore the role of mathematical models in scientific research and help educators work with students to apply modeling to scientific inquiry.

The general objective of the workshop is to develop mathematical and computer modeling skills for instructors and talented high school students. Developing and working through projects during the workshop will foster the use of projects in appropriate courses taught by participating instructors at his or her high school. Additionally, student participation in the workshop will introduce or strengthen modeling skills to prepare students for initial or continued participation in the High School Modeling Competition in Math (HiMCM).

Visit the 2014 Math Inquiry Workshop website.

Participant Testimonials

"I thought it was really fun and I learned a lot. The only bad part of it is going to be when we have to leave."

"I fell in love with it and I feel like I made a lot of really good friends and memories."

"I really enjoyed the competition. Luther is a wonderful campus, full of wonderful and helpful people. I think all the mentors and professors involved in this workshop understood what they were doing and were able to communicate well with all of the participants."