Papers and Presentations

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals: (* indicates undergraduate coauthors)

*Powers, N.M. & K.J. Larsen. 2014. Butterflies (Lepidoptera) on hill prairies of Allamakee County, Iowa: A Comparison of the Late 1980s with 2013. Great Lakes Entomologist 47(3-4): 129-143.

Papers Presented at Scientific Meetings: (*indicates undergraduate coauthors)

*Powers, N., S. Heyer, and K.J. Larsen. November 11, 2013. Hill prairie butterflies of Allamakee County, Iowa: a comparison of the late 1980s to 2013. National Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, Austin, TX. (poster)

*Tourdot, T.K., *Liveringhouse, C.L, *Ash, J.J., *Goss, G.W., Fretham, S.J.B. PI3K/Akt/DAF-16 Activity is Protective During Excess Iron Exposure in C. elegans. Poster Presentation, Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, 2015 and Midstates Consortium Undergraduate Research Symposium, 2014.