The Science Teaching Practicum

Students young and old explore the outdoors.

The Science Teaching Practicum provides Luther’s pre-service teachers with opportunities to enhance their science literacy, teaching skills, confidence, and leadership by teaching weekly inquiry-driven science lessons in area classrooms under the supervision of Luther education faculty and cooperating elementary teachers, and presenting these lessons to other educators.

Program Details

The Science Teaching Practicum (STP) consists of teams of two pre-service teachers who design and deliver science instruction in an area classroom. Luther’s HHMI program provides:

  • Up to 8 hours of work-study pay per week for 15 weeks
  • Luther vehicle for transportation
  • Classroom teaching materials

The program is open to elementary and middle school education candidates who have completed EDUC 329 Elementary Science Education Methods or EDUC 352 Secondary Science Education Methods and EDUC 332/333 Middle School Methods.