HHMI Science Research and Education Grant

Luther College received $1,600,000 from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to support an interdisciplinary program whose goal is to foster the development of elementary and secondary science teachers who are both effective instructors and engaged leaders in education.

The program builds on the strength of Luther College’s education program, its excellence in science teaching and research in STEM departments, and established partnerships with area schools.

We seek to prepare confident, knowledgeable science educators by providing avenues for enhanced engagement with scientific inquiry, guided practice in designing and implementing inquiry-driven science lessons, and the development of mentoring and professional relationships in both the education and scientific communities.


Luther College and HHMI logos

"The collaboration between the teachers and the schools and the science and education departments has helped us all to grow—to support and learn from one another in ways that are respectful of each others’ background knowledge and role in science education."

  —Barb Bohach, Education Department Chair