VNC - Install Ultra VNC Client

Ultra VNC is the remote desktop support client used by ITS for Windows Vista workstations. These instructions can only be done by ITS Staff and will only be installed on Luther owned workstations.

  1. Download Ultra VNC from its-software.
  2. Click OK and Next.
  3. Accept the License Agreement and click Next three times.
  4. Under Select Components, choose Ultra VNC Server Only and click Next twice.
  5. Under Optional non-GPL Addons, check Download Vista Addons Files Now and click Next.
  6. Under Optional Non-GPL Mirrow Driver, check Download the Mirror Driver and click Next.
  7. Under Select Additional Tasks, check Register UltraVNC Server As a System Service and Start or Restart UltraVNC Service.
  8. Click Next and then Install.
  9. Click Next and Finish.
  10. The Ultra VNC Server Properties box should appear. Check the following boxes and click Apply. (If the Properties box does not appear, Right Click on the Green Eye icon in the Taskbar and select Admin Properties.)
  • Incoming Connections
    • Accept Socket Connections
  • When Last Client Disconnects
    • Do Nothing
  • Query on Incoming Connections
    • Display Query Window
    • Timeout: 30 Seconds
    • Default Action – Refuse
  • Multi Viewer Connections
    • Keep Existing Connections
  • Authentication
    • VNC Password – Set to the ITS VNC Password
  • Misc
    • Remove Aero (Vista)
    • Remove Wallpaper for Viewers
    • Disable Client Options in Tray Icon Menu
    • Enable Capture Alpha-Blending

After VNC is installed, you will need to make certain the icon stays in the Notification Area permanently. To do this :

  1. Right Click on the Windows Task Bar and select Properties.
  2. Under Notification Area, select Customize.
  3. Locate Ultra VNC (or WinVNC).
  4. In the Behavior drop-down, change to Always Show (Show in Windows Vista).
  5. Click OK.